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Nothing feels better than walking into a luxurious setting that gives you an amazing feeling.

The irresistible allure of a comfortable yet elegant sofa and chairs, the soft rugs, the smooth

cushion covers, and the inviting curtains enrich the overall experience. You can indulge in this

feeling every day by transforming your space into a personal oasis that radiates luxury.

Take a first step for your dreamy space today. Make a call and bring your vision to life.


Discover our unique collection of opulent furnishings to elevate your ambience, turning every corner into a reflection of your treasured memories.


Built on consistent hard work, a focused approach, and honest commitments, Rawpastel is inspired by our success with ‘The Curtain Shop’. The insight was to introduce people to the world of softness, warmth, and luxury through our premium range and immersive in-store experiences. 

Our forte on customization of soft furnishings that can enhance the interior of your space.


Customization is the core essence of our brand. Every item has been carefully curated to match the unique needs and tastes of our clients.

The level of exquisiteness and refinement in our items mirrors our dedication to meeting the highest standard.

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