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Nestled in the “silicon valley of India," Bangalore, Rawpastel is a one-stop destination for premium soft furnishings. Beyond the realm of mere selling, Rawpastel encapsulates an experience defined by luxury and elegance.

We are the company that mirrors your feeling and tastes through our exquisite products. We believe in developing long-lasting relationships with our clientele and this is the reason we go beyond mere aesthetic and customize the products according to your requirements.



Our aim is to provide architects and customers with a space that radiated luxury, refinement, and expertise. We want to make this a life-time experience that remains in heart and memory. 

Each of our product are based on fine detailing and unmatched quality that increases the value of any space. We strive to make our customers smile and satisfied and this is the reason we dive you in an extra-ordinary experience in an ordinary space.

Raw pastel is a way to bring your friends and family together and create picture-perfect moments. Whether you are hosting a guest, having endless gossip, enjoying private time, or partying, a simple transformation of your rugs, cushion covers, and curtains can effortlessly align with the vibe of the room. We curate the perfect complement of soft furnishing that creates an inviting ambience and fosters a sense of comfort, giving rise to joyous yet emotional memories.


We envision to be a recognized luxury soft furnishing brand, particularly in Bangalore, where the plan is to set up five stores over the next decade.

With the vision of constant growth and a larger presence, the ultimate goal is to gain global recognition and outstanding customer satisfaction. We hope to be a prominent destination for exclusive and elegant soft furnishings by reaching out to more people both locally and globally, ensuring that the brand is associated with sophistication, workmanship, and express delivery.

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